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    February 09, 2006


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    Another great post, Tom.

    Scary stuff. It's looking more and more like Orwell was dead on - just a little early in his predictions.

    Funny that Deutsch split after getting caught faking his resume. Spin the origin or our universe, the origin of our species, and the condition and future of our planet? Fine. Spin your educational background? You're outta here, mister! It's like... he needs to take the fall here, but if he takes it on one of the BIG issues, then that's a tangential blow to the administration's position and "science"... so let's make it about the least significant (yet still important, esp. in science and academia) thing, be done with it, and get busy sliding in the new shill...

    Is there a way to recover from this? Is the vigilance of a few enough? And where does this all lead? Where are these people trying to lead us? There's obviously a system at work here, the dis-/mis-information is too persistant and multi-faceted... I feel like the number of people that "get it" is dwindling, and I don't know if I blame the people who stop caring or paying attention - it's exhausting sometimes.

    Sorry if that sounded a little too "tin foil hat-ish", but rarely does a day when I don't see something that baffles me...

    Reverend Charlene WT Mann (ULC)


    I am a junior-grade physics scientist from the Carter-era fusion labs. What is true counts; all else is worthless. Life's consciousness is well-organized primal energy, which transmutes into matter and back again with many permutuative variations, but is never destroyed; ergo some few of us do occasionally speak of traditionally timeless and immortal Spirit in a certain quantum context. There it is from where I stand, /sans/ all nitpickety PR/PC flack-duckspeak.

    And there is no question in my mind any longer that all the aggressively truthy/facty/nicey made-up Administration/media-driven spinfluff with which we are now bombarded day and night by Hand and Tongue of BushFlack is a deliberate assault upon the basic sanity of We the Aspartame-Declining (and therefore still mitochondrially enabled) Energetic People Left Standing.

    That is one buncha' filthy elephant-snouted 'n' huge ole KBR-branded porkers we done up 'n' let walk right into our national parlor, now ain't it, Brother? Such dirt as them warpiggies got puckered up behind all them fine curly tails to drop on us all at will like John Lennon's "Applebonkers" 'toons always brings terror, disease, and terrordisease.

    Dirt hides in darkness. Sunlight cleanses. Sanitation and sanity are not entirely disconnected with relation to each other in this regard.

    Election 2006 is approaching. Meanwhile, Mr. Spector (R-PA)'s Senate Intelligence Committee, which swears it is really actually (and oh so non-oathbound truthily!) investigating Mr. Gonzalez' spying into what we are all up to while propagating such such Forbidden Truth as this yet find no need to put any witness(shill) under the Binding Oath with pains and penalties of perjury unto the breakers thereof.

    So here's what: Let's give the whole writhing planet something to be truly thankful for come November, shall we? Let's shake the bushes, beat the drums, register ourselves, our families, our friends, and mebbe even every dead yellow dog in our 'hoods to VOTE, and thus robustly roust at least /all/ save /one/ of the the NeoCollaborator crim-bums who took Abramoff money, shall we not, just for starters?

    See for a fine Master List of the Tainted Ones, neatly sorted and laid forth in NAKED color-numbered pixels according to class of offense.

    Understand one thing of this bunch of street-thugs in fratboy pinstripe biz drag: Sober sanity is that Forbidden Thing that, if but left at peace and thus unchecked by these politicrims, would indeed cleanly shake this malfeasant and masturbatory monkey off our backs right effortless and no more jerkoff-grade monkeyshines. That an ambitious twenty-something's eager obeisance to the White House Ministry of Truth(NOT) ranks higher on the National Agenda than the rate of approach of the Thermal Spike our fevered planet will surely skewer us all with if we don't all settle down and take action on all such fronts FORTHWITH (and by now yes, all at once!) just shrieks for the legal equivalent of court-ordered involuntary phenothiazine injections for the entire Oval Office crim-crew STAT ROGER.

    John Hinkley shot Reagan for the sake of mad "love" and got the Stelazine. Professor Leo Strauss' Avengers of the Nuremburg Hangman's Deliberate Multiple Bungle (Wolfowitz /et/ NeoCon /al/ ) next shred everything left that is sacred and Just Everybody gets... PAID? SCOT-FREE PARDONED? NOOOOOO!

    Stupid to short-rope those poor Nuremburg war-crimes convicts; broke every First Prtinciple in the days' media. I would not treat our Gearless Bleeder and broken-souled Cabinet a-suckin' down the lifeblood of the publick governance so brutally as that, no.

    But I was not even embodied at all, Back Then. So I declare: NOT on MY watch!

    Impeach Cheney and Bush BOTH forthwith or face the *NEW* FEMA Police's Liquidation Squad guns, I daresay by now. (KBR just got 3.8 billion for new "Refugee influx or other purposes" internment camp construction Stateside the other day.)

    Sugestion: Visit HTTP:// to gain a "feel" for such things as the standing of the impeachment drive awaiting its visitation upon the President in our own thrown-sour Congress. If at liberty and blessed with gifts of talent, time, etc, one may even phone John Conyers' Washington office and VOLUNTEER for the LONG HAUL BACK HOME. (It's 202.202-225-4535 and/or 202-225-5126. Fax is 202-225-0072.)

    I took off my tinfoil hat and accepted the Red Pill long ago. Yesterday I emailed a Conyers staffer my own funny-hatted, streetwise-gifted CV and letter of committed intent in the service of our Constitution's restoration. Today I have spent preparing wall and bulletin-board posters framing various points on that theme. Call it "Liberty Bell Press and Salvage Works" if you like. (I do.)

    Form your own. Name accordingly. Plethora is good for the CYA Requirement, strategically speaking.

    I have found no particularly better manner of governance on this earth than that Free and Responsible Operative Polity that makes certain its citizenry is kept sufficiently at the ready to REJECT ALL TERROR. NO SURRENDER.

    I, for one, shall not accept anything else, less, or other than that. Let the Filthy Pigs in Elephant Suits who now rule our bodies with neither heart nor rightful mind in sight now feel the "YOPP!" that We the People Left Standing do robustly raise - and regain their r-e-s-p-e-c-t for the Rest of Us!

    Dr. Suess' Holy First Principles RULE. His masterful "Horton Hears a Who" applies bigtime and spot-on. So let's get it on. Whaddya, think by hidin'behind that bagga' Olean chips ya'll all get ta' just live all "peacey" forever? {;-)

    End of story.

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