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    June 28, 2005


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    In terms of news journalism there seems to be a strong urge these days to claim objectivity. Why? You seem to have it on it; subjectivity introduces the "messy". If we acknowledged that total neutrality on some issue is not possible, would we have the basis for honest public debate again? Would we revive civil discourse? The possibility of self-deception could be recognized and we might even be able to examine our assumptions. Or not.

    Thanks for the post! Keep creating, Mike


    Ugh. I'm stuck in the mud on this one. All I can think of is how this relates to Nazi Germany in the 1930's - 1945. Very frightening.



    Mike, you're tapping into the new "media value creation" world. Point of view, not the elimination of point of view. Thanks for contributing.

    Of course you've hit on the apotheosis of our fears on this issue, violette. When our nature is twisted to reveal its darkest angles, awful things can happen. Be that as it may (and I don't mean to be trite or at all dismissive) we cannot escape the collective character of our reality, our truth, and now we see, our very vision.


    You're right Tom.

    So what is the truth and where do we get it?

    Could the reality be that we're led by ease, comfort zones and acceptance via conformity? These factors determine our willingness to take what we hear and go with it whether or not we believe it, because it's what we're fed.



    Connie Sartain

    The "crowded brain" is consistent with the alternate reality of corporate behavior, which sacrifices the individual to the group...a false group reality that people seem to know is false and they go along with it anyway. Not unlike connecting 9/11 and Iraq.

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