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    « Early Mud Time | Main | Truth, Lie or Bull? »

    March 21, 2005


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    Paul M. Martin

    Bullshit Example: "Merck: Where we put patients first." This is the pharmaceutical company that sat on the Vioxx heart problem results for two years while they profited from heavy marketing of the drug. I first heard this slogan of theirs shortly after the Vioxx news broke...

    I have an uncle who once made an interesting generalization about marketing. To learn the truth, just realize it's the exact opposite of what's claimed. Common example: "Tastes like homemade!" PM Martin

    Tom Guarriello

    Great example, Paul. I love your uncle's simple wisdom! Thanks for stopping by.


    Really great post, Tom. I have been thinking about this subject a lot and have been dealing with quite a few "BSers" as of late. Because they deal in possibilities and convincing others of the possibilities, they start to believe the BS too. In that, they aren't lying or BSing so much as subscribing to their own idea of truth. Tricky stuff, but important enough to keep shedding light on. :-)


    On bullshit-- as the "American Idol" show continues to be popular- Top 2 or 3 Ratings every week, has anyone else, besides me, noticed, that as a particular contestant is "Voted off", the next day on "News" shows, etc., that person is deemed- "IDOL Jessica", or "Idol Bill" was voted off-- so now the failed contestant is known as "IDOL'??? Understanding so much hype and "Branding" (Another new kind of insideous Bullshit)--does this mean that words no longer have any qualitative meaning?? These kinds of Pop-culture shows seem to enlarge and enhance Prof. F

    rankfurt's thesis..Agree?

    Tom Guarriello

    Of course, the "reality" which they depict is, in itself, bullshit. Keeping that BS patina going as long as possible keeps up the supply of bullshit celebrities.

    Seth Godin calls branding (all marketing, really) "lying," while I prefer "bullshit" for its linguistic distinctiveness from, for example, telling your wife you were "out with the boys" while philandering.

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