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    March 26, 2005


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    Rick Godin

    Any chance that theres a Krispy Kreme outlet somewhere out there that has spent $16,000. on religious services,it could have been a good bartering scenario.

    Johnnie Moore

    Tom: Good line of questioning.

    In improv language, we could think of the rock and the donuts as offers. It's them up to us whether to accept or block. By our actions we help influence the story. The meaning making is a collaboration.

    Another related thought. Sometimes we have to perform ourselves into new territory. When a toddler toddles and falls we don't call that a lie, we recognise it as an attempt to become a walker.

    But I don't want to frame this as a licence to marketin folks to sell us any old baloney!


    Thanks for the link.

    It really is the conversation that counts. Jesus did it. He talked with people, ate with them and evidently partied with them.

    That 15,000 people would show up for donuts doesn't surprise me. The real question is: would they go just to be with each other? Is there any conversation there? If they just sit down, get entertained, fed and then leave, they should just get the DVD.


    Evelyn Rodriguez

    The pastor of Radiant Church used Rick Warren's methods for church growth. BTW, The Purpose Driven Church by Warren is really great business & marketing book - it's not just about church growth. A lot of it is about listening - to your own call and to your potential "customers" or members. People want to be heard.

    The NYT article is worth a read. Small groups are often the entry way into a church, for instance. These groups bond the members to each other and also are a welcoming non-pressure way to get new members to check out one aspect of a church. It's certainly not just about getting fed donuts - people are looking for much more than that. It really relates to a lot of why blogs are popular.

    My fav quotes from article:
    "Most Christians who say they have been changed by their church attribute it not to their pastors' sermons but to their small groups, where people can share, in the words of Dave Travis, who runs the megachurch consultancy, ''their deepest hopes and hurts.'' This was, after all, the model of Jesus and his disciples: What I've done with you, you now do with other people."

    The pastor speaking:
    ''People aren't looking for the elevated holy man who's got all of the answers,'' he told me one afternoon. ''They want someone to be real with them.''

    Walter Sefton

    It is difficult to take your posting seriously when some of the basic facts in your blog are incorrect. Radiant Church is located in Surprise Arizona, not Sunrise.

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