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    March 30, 2005


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    Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

    Hmm...seems like it's the Bob Lutz blog vs. the morbid stream media.

    I'm cheering on the blog.

    I know how traditional journalists screw things up and mis-report constantly, maliciously.

    (Good example: the early morning of the Iraq elections, with CNN showing Old Footage of Iraqis mourning and grieving slain comrades, it had nothing to do with the actual current event, ridiculous and insane and yes, evil).


    Thanks for the field report, Tom. Very interesting. Sadly, I'm way behind on hitting Lutz' blog. What do you know of his effort to reinvent the GM design culture a la his turnaround at Chrysler? I like the new Chevy short body truck, but how's the downstream product?

    Steven: Kabuki. It's an institutional tactic, not just reserved for theater anynmore. One could easily and factually point out that the pentagon, foggy bottom and 1600 employ it to far more devastating effect than the simlpletons at CNN with their file footage or Autoweek and its gossips.

    Tom Guarriello

    Steven, Mark's point about the kind of symbolic, role-driven communication that goes on in public discourse is a good one. In order to be an "investigative reporter" you have to find stuff that's screwed up, so the journalistic establishment plays its role while the "good guy, defenders of the faith" play theirs. I refer you, again, to the Jon Stewart "Crossfire" rant that really outed the whole game for mainstream media watchers.

    4-0, Lutz's design chops are impeccable, and now we'll see if he can use them to turn that big ugly mother of a company around. He's clearly trying his best. But, to that point, an old airplane-fixated friend of mine once gave me a parable for this. "It doesn't really matter," he said, "that you were pulling up on the stick when you intersect with the ground."


    Tom, you parsed my snark re: kabuki and made it useful. Thanks.

    And don't get me started on aviation metaphors...

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