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    December 17, 2004


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    Jon Husband

    For a whole range of shades of "real", check out this essay from about 2.5 years (April 2002) ago titled "The Numbing of The American Mind - Culture As Anaesthetic" by Thomas de Zengotita.

    When I read it, it chilled me to the bone, and still haunts my thoughts many days. Don't quite know how to deal with it, nor collectively how we will come to terms with it, other than through sustained and disciplined afforts at "true talk".

    Tom Guarriello

    Thanks, Jon...I'll check out the Harper's piece.

    Sustained, disciplined, rigorous efforts at TrueTalk seems like a dream; pockets of authentic connection as "proof of concept" is what we're engaged in today. We know the benefits and hope others will experience them as well.

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