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    December 19, 2004


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    Jon Husband

    Yeah, the manipulation of language ... notwithstanding all the good-hearted people and all of this interconnected interlinkiness, I too more often than not walk around feeling like something's really fucked here ... if I had more money, I'd go and live in a little village in the foothills of the Pyrenees or some such, and just get away from most of this.

    I read this re: Zuboff's The Support Economy ...

    We need people like Shoshana to stop wasting time trying to make a hopelessly damaged and self-destructive culture work, and instead help us design the next culture, after ours has destroyed itself. That next culture will be one that melds the best innovation and technology of our present dreadful culture, with the timeless and instinctive wisdom of all other cultures, successful and sustainable cultures, human and animal, that we have so tragically forgotten.

    on my friend Dave Pollard's blog earlier today. Do you know his blog ? Good stuff.

    Tom Guarriello

    The "manipulation of language" is an important point, Jon. This whole framing conversation is very important in this regard. The ways in which ideas get "metatagged" in our neuropsychologicalconceptual system makes all the difference.

    I haven't read Dave Pollard's blog before, Jon, but I'll certainly read it now.


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