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    November 04, 2004


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    Is there a difference between "not seeing" and willful blindness?

    Tom Guarriello

    You've hit on the essential existential question, according to Sartre. He would distinguish between "bad faith" (willful blindness) and the universal existential condition of falleness (following Heidegger) to which we are all given.

    Short answer: yes, there is a difference.

    There is a moment at which I become aware of the condition in which I find myself. Confronting that moment is the crux of human freedom. If I am "unable" to confront that moment, I am in "bad faith" and will experience consequent anxiety. If I do confront that moment, I am placing myself in a position for authenticity, in which I experience myself at the center of my own existence.

    Sorry to be so cryptic, but this is a complex question.

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